My deepest aspiration

is to help you navigate life's ups and downs with grace, learning deep self-care skills that bring balance to your energies and peace to your mind.

By empowering you to see your gifts and talents, I aim to support you in taking charge of your healing journey, whether you're moving through a disease process, daily challenges, or seeking a new perspective that serves your highest good.

- Marilyn

How Can I Support You?

"Marilyn's one-on-one treatments are transformative."

"She has a keen ability to detect and release energy blocks, leaving her clients feeling lighter, happier and healthier. Joining one of her groups is a wonderful experience. The collective energy and camaraderie creates a palpable atmosphere of peace and connection. Making new friends who share similar interests and values has been so enriching and fulfilling."

-Jill T.

"I am deeply blessed to have met Marilyn."

"I have gained so much from her healing work in my life. Spiritually, physically and mentally I am stronger and so much more at peace."

-Joan D

"Marilyn has been my healer, my mentor and my teacher."

"I am so grateful for her energy medicine. When I started working with her, I suffered from PTSD and trauma. Using her techniques, I learned how to nage my energy and now I finally feel safe in my body. Marilyn is also a wonderful teacher. I am now using the same methods that she taught me on my own clients with great success. "

-Stephanie G

"I have seen Marilyn for years and she has truly helped both my physical and emotional transitions. "

"Marilyn guides you to see the connections within yourself and how to move forward in the world with grace and love. She has taught me how to see the light within each of us to help make our world a better place. I always look forward to our sessions together as there is always something new to learn. Marilyn is a remarkable healer and I feel blessed to call her my teacher and friend."

-Gloria R

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